Mental Health for the Penis

Mental Health for the Penis

How Mental Training Can Help with Erectile Dysfunction

The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are often complex. Everyday stress, pressure in the workplace or in family roles, unresolved conflicts in a partnership, or one's own insecurities are just some of the possible causes, but also consequences of erectile problems. A mental block therefore often exacerbates the problem even more.

Even affected men who appear to be successful in life and at work struggle with erectile dysfunction. Men tend to keep their feelings and concerns to themselves to maintain a seemingly expected image of masculinity. In some cases, they have never dealt with deep-seated fears and possible physical and psychological consequences. Through psychotherapeutic approaches, they can succeed in solving these problems and fulfilling their sexuality again. If you do not want to start psychotherapy directly, you can get a good start in mental training.

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Especially in younger men, erectile dysfunction often results from conscious or unconscious inner conflicts that affect their libido and sexual responsiveness. High ideals of masculinity can lead to performance pressure and sexual insecurity, which can significantly affect erectile function.

Immediate psychological influences and factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction include:

  • Fear of failure
  • Work-related stress
  • Everyday stress
  • Partnership conflicts
  • Sexual insecurity
  • Expectation pressure (socially, in a partnership, or from oneself)
  • Lack of sexual experience

Some of these factors are more likely to be attributed to secondary erectile dysfunction. This is when a man was able to achieve erections successfully in the past but has lost this ability due to certain incidents, life changes, or other factors. Especially with recent changes such as specific stressful life events (e.g., separation from a long-term partner, sexual abuse), it can lead to unconscious or conscious sexual fears of failure.

Excessive masturbation or porn addiction should not be neglected either. Oversaturation of sexual stimuli can lead to sufferers no longer enjoying a regular sexual experience enough to stimulate their libido and experience a strong erection. Those who feel comfortable in masturbation in the privacy of their own room and know their favorite porn category inside and out may miss the usual stimuli during intimacy with a real woman.

Kranus Health: Mental Causes for erectile dysfunction

Mental Training for Sexual Self-Confidence and Potency Enhancement

Especially for men who have had little to no connection to their mental health in the past or who have not dealt much with their own emotional world, it can be difficult to engage in mental training. Additionally, we are accustomed to constant influences and stimuli in our environment in the modern digital world. It is understandable that it may be difficult to withdraw from this everyday circus and focus on one's own breathing for 15 minutes. Nevertheless, we recommend that everyone give it a try.

In the relaxation exercises or mental training by Kranus Edera, the goal is to sharpen your perception of stress in the form of physical tension. This means experiencing the difference between tension and relaxation as clearly as possible. A new awareness of oneself as a sexual being and actively perceiving the process of libido. The moment when tension subsides and relaxation begins. This pleasant, deep state of relaxation should be sharpened and maintained as much as possible during the exercises. Ultimately, you should be able to use the newly learned ability to relax deliberately in everyday situations.

As a result, regular relaxation exercises lead to a reduction in physical stress and contribute to a feeling of relaxation, calm and serenity. It can also contribute to a higher level of self-confidence and a reduction in anxiety.

Sex therapy exercises strengthen the relationship with one's penis

Many men wonder why they should do sex therapy exercises to feel their own genitals better - don't all men masturbate all the time and all the time anyway and know what they like? Well, the quick goal-oriented grip on the penis may be familiar to many, but not necessarily fulfilling.

This is because a balanced familiarity with one's own arousal capacity cannot be equated with experience through masturbation. It is during masturbation that men can teach themselves arousal patterns that then cause problems during couple sex. Thus, most men benefit from these body-centered exercises. Body awareness should help to accept the body as a whole and also individual body parts and reactions as they are. It is about experiencing the body as a whole as a pleasurable organ.

Kranus Health: Mental Causes for erectile dysfunction

Relaxation exercise for erectile dysfunction

This exercise is an excerpt from the repertoire of the potency app Kranus Edera and gives an insight into the holistic therapy program. You can repeat it as needed. If you would like to learn more or improve your erection sustainably with the help of Kranus Edera, you can find more information here or at the end of the exercise.

Let's go!

Now make yourself comfortable. Sit upright in an armchair or on a chair. Your feet are firmly and securely on the floor, your back is leaning, and your hands rest loosely on your thighs. Now let go of all thoughts. Thoughts have a break now. You will attend to them again later. Direct your attention inward, to your body. Now close your eyes and notice your body from the inside out.

(10 sec. pause)

Focus your attention on your breathing. Observe the inflow and outflow of your breath. How your abdominal wall rises as you inhale and lowers as you exhale. 

(10 sec pause)

Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly exhale back out through your mouth. Take a few more deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

(10 sec. pause)

Then come back to normal breathing. Let your breathing flow. Just observe the in and out flow of your breath.

(20 sec. pause)

If your thoughts distract you, let them pass, like clouds in the sky. Thoughts come and go. Keep returning your attention to your breathing.

(10 sec. pause)

If it helps, you can count your breaths. Count "one" as you inhale, "two" as you exhale, and on and on. Until you get to 10. Then start counting from the beginning. Try to focus entirely on your breathing and let thoughts come and go gently.

(20 sec. pause)

Continue to observe the in and out of your breathing. This happens all by itself. You do not need to do anything about it. You just let it happen and inwardly resonate with the rhythm of your breathing.

(60 sec. pause)

Now we slowly come to the end of the exercise. Keep your eyes closed. Clench your hands into fists, stretch and loll, breathe deeply a few times. Listen for sounds and arrive back in the room.

(5 sec pause)

Now slowly count backwards from 4 to 1 and then at 1 gently open your eyes again. 

4..., 3...., 2...., 1. 

Now open your eyes again. Enjoy the moment of relaxation and that you have taken the time for yourself. Let this feeling of calm and relaxation take hold of you for a moment longer.

Your personalized therapy plan is waiting for you.

Take control of your sexual health and build a strong potency together with Kranus Edera.
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