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Kranus Edera now permanently listed as DiGA


Thanks to convincing clinical study results: First digital health app (DiGA) to treat erection problems and their causes is now permanently reimbursed by health insurers. 

München/Berlin 27.03.2023 – The company Kranus Health has achieved a permanent listing in the directory of Digital Health Applications (DiGA) with its own app Kranus Edera. As a result, health insurance companies permanently reimburse the costs of the digital therapy for erectile dysfunction from now on.

Founded in 2020, Kranus Health solves men's health problems that no one talks about. To achieve this, the team develops digital therapies in the field of men's health. With Kranus Edera, the company has launched the first digital health application (DiGA) as a fully reimbursable "app on prescription" for the treatment of erectile problems and their causes. The app has now been permanently added to the list of digital health applications (DiGA) by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), after the app was already preliminary added to the list in December 2021. The digital therapy is available free of charge to people with statutory health insurance in Germany when prescribed by doctors or psychotherapists.

"Due to the strong stigmatization of health problems such as erectile dysfunction, medical treatments sometimes fall short and health problems go undetected," said urologist Prof. Dr. Kurt Miller. Yet initial clinical studies have shown that Kranus Edera can help to improve male strength sustainably and in the long term. In 96 percent of patients, the quality of erections improved, and 93 percent showed an improvement in quality of life.

This spring, the results of the prospective and randomized EDDIG study will follow. Their evaluation has already been completed, and all primary endpoints were met. The success of the study was a prerequisite for the permanent listing. "Both physicians and therapists, as well as patients, now have a proven effective way to improve the cause of erectile problems in the long term," explains Kranus co-founder and co-CEO Jens Nörtershäuser.

What does it mean to be permanently listed as a DiGA? If the manufacturer can provide scientific evidence at the end of the trial, the DiGA is permanently listed in the directory. The status changes and the "provisionally included" is removed. Based on a systematic evaluation of already available data, the manufacturer could show in the application process that there is plausible evidence for one or more positive supply effects and that it can demonstrate these during the provisional listing. Only nine DiGA companies have achieved permanent listing to date. In fact, in the urology space, Kranus Edera is the only DiGA to date that has achieved this step (Source). 

About the Kranus Edera app:                                                                                                                                              The Kranus Health company has developed Kranus Edera, the first digital health app for cause-oriented treatment of men with erectile dysfunction. The therapy is guideline-based, fully reimbursable and fills a gap in care for erectile dysfunction. Users of the app (iPhone and Android) complete a 12-week program consisting of pelvic floor training, physical therapy exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, and mindfulness and body awareness exercises, as well as sexual therapy exercises. Patients receive new exercises daily that are personalized in intensity and complexity based on patient feedback. Complementing this, patients receive daily knowledge-sharing content to improve their understanding of the underlying principles of erectile function and the influence of lifestyle factors, such as diet or stress. A study proved: Kranus Edera can help improve male strength sustainably and over the long term.